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  • 中文 EnglishTEL:0510-83120927

    Our Company

    Wuxi Kaichi Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Taihu Lake coast city with prosperous economy, outstanding people & smart land, developed science & technology , beautiful scenery and convenient transportation-Wuxi City, Jiangsu province.

    We develop and produce vacuum appliances, etc. specialized in high & low voltage vacuum contactors. We provide the users with high quality & featured products & services and provide better & more suitable products through utilizing rich technical experience, matured production technology, perfect detection means and strict quality assurance. The enterprise focuses on the cultivation and development of human resources, ......

    Our Products

    High and low pressure AC vacuum contactors of the company are widely used in power electronic control, petrochemistry, metallurgy, cement machinery, coal mines, dock, street lighting control, etc. ......

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    Address:No. 23, A District, Qiancun Industrial Park Area, Wuxi District
    Tel:0510-83120927 Fax:0510-83101862   Kerosene heater wicks
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